Jan 1, 2021

How Can You Set the Right Goals

How Can You Set the Right Goals

How Can You Set the Right Goals

Nathan King

Most people don't make goals. Their lives emerge as a result of events that happen to them and ideas that seize and preoccupy their minds until they act, without any priority to them.

In the absence of goals, you are carried along by a stream of external events. How can you know that the way you are spending your time produces the life you want to live? With this approach, some outcomes are good. But your agenda quickly becomes someone else's.

The problem is, setting goals often results in failure. It’s hard to know where to start. And goals get disrupted by surprise events that are a distraction from completing them.

The concept of goal setting can be demoralizing.

My life has been most meaningful when I pursue a specific set of intentional goals. I’ve learned that if I do things that really matter, my life will have a significant impact on others and I go through experiences I couldn’t have dreamed of.

To set goals that are worth pursuing, you need to uncover personal priorities that are difficult to see. You need to get out of the moment, where the immediate demands on your time take all of your attention. You need a process to look inside yourself and discover what is important.

If you would like to try setting better goals for yourself, you can experience the kind of personal reflection that will put your life in perspective so that you can prioritize what is important.

The Guided Life Review and Planning Exercise is a structured reflection to identify what is important to you, with a beginning and an end. You will be able to identify goals that will take you to a new level of intentionality and meaning.

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